Seeking Maximum Compensation In Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are among the most common kinds of personal injury lawsuits. Just as it sounds, a slip and fall or trip and fall accident occurs when you slip or trip on something on the floor at a grocery store, mall, other business, condominium, apartment, hotel or other residential property and then fall down and injure yourself.  Slip and fall and trip and fall accidents on someone else’s property are common and can result in minor or serious injuries.

Common causes of slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are:

  • Foreign objects on the ground
  • Water, grease or other slippery liquids on the ground
  • Unexpected failures or holes in parking lots and sidewalks
  • Torn or bunched up rugs and carpet in stores, restaurants or apartment buildings
  • Cords, cables, tree roots or other lengthy objects on the ground
  • Dangerous or poorly maintained steps, staircases and stairwells
  • Broken railings on walkways and steps and in staircases and stairwells
  • Poor quality or inadequate lighting
  • Inadequate security resulting in physical assault
  • Unclear or inadequate signage indicating risk of injury
  • Broken floorboards in retail stores, restaurants or apartment buildings
  • Improperly painted stop lines and crosswalks

Injuries suffered in these types of accidents are not always visible right away. Injuries such as broken bones, fractures, sprains and even bruises may not present symptoms right away, resulting in he-said-she-said situations that can leave victims concerned that they may not have a valid case, when in fact they do.

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