The Lawyer’s Lawyer

We are the firm other lawyers send their clients to in order to get results at trial.

An experienced trial law firm representing clients in the State of Florida

Cases We Handle

Slip/Trip and Fall


Automobile/Trucking Accidents


Verdicts and Settlements


Who We Are

When other attorneys and law firms come across challenging personal injury cases, they turn to us, Simon Trial Firm. We are a boutique trial law firm well-known for its aggressive approach to personal injury cases and our unrelenting drive to recover maximum compensation for our clients.

We receive referrals from a range of people, including attorneys, mediators and even defense firms. Every day, we use more than 80 years of combined experience trying to verdict more than 135 cases to protect the best interests of our clients and ensure they get the best possible outcome at trial.

What We Do

Complex personal injury cases oftentimes take more time, more effort and can lead to trial, which is not a challenge most attorneys are willing to take on. This is not the case with the team at Simon Trial Firm.

We focus exclusively on trying slip and fall, trip and fall and other personal injury cases because we believe maximum compensation and justice go hand in hand. When we sit down at a settlement conference, the opposing counsel knows we mean business and that we will leave nothing on the table.

Why We Win

Accident victims are oftentimes intimidated into accepting small settlements by large defense firms out of fear that their case will not hold up in court. At Simon Trial Firm, our attorneys do their due diligence.  Here are five reasons why we win:

  • Experienced trial attorneys. We have extensive experience in the courtroom.  We know what judges expect and we know how to deliver.
  • Track record of successful verdicts. We have tried to verdict over 135 cases.  This speaks volumes to our clients and the opposition.
  • Knowledgeable. We have more than 80 years of combined legal experience and we stay up to date on the law and legal trends.  We know what needs to be done and how to do it in order to get the best possible outcome.
  • Hardworking. We go the extra mile to make sure all evidence is collected and thoroughly analyzed.
  • Tenacious. We are not afraid to go toe to toe against large defense firms.