Protecting Your Rights In Animal/Dog Bite Cases

Florida statute defines a domestic animal as “any equine (horse) or bovine animal, goat, sheep, swine, domestic cat, dog, poultry, ostrich, emu, rhea or other domesticated beast or bird.  The term ‘animal’, as used in this chapter, shall include wild or game animals whenever necessary to effectively control or eradicate dangerous transmissible diseases or pests which threaten the agricultural interests of the state”. If a canine or other animal bites you, please contact one of our personal injury attorneys at Simon Trial Firm. We focus exclusively on personal injury cases such as this and will fight to make sure you receive maximum compensation at trial for your injuries.

Strict Liability In Florida

In most cases, the owner of a dog or any other domestic animal is “strictly liable” for any injuries or property damage caused by their animal. The basis for strict liability is that those who engage in certain kinds of activities do so at their own risk and must pay for any damage that foreseeably results, even if the activity has been carried out in the most careful manner possible. In addition to dog bites, a Florida dog owner can be held responsible if their dog knocks a person over, trips someone or the dog causes or contributes to a person’s injury.

Medical care is expensive and animal bites are serious. Allow our compassionate, yet assertive personal injury attorneys to seek compensation for your injuries. We also handle personal injury claims such as slip and fall accidents and wrongful deaths.

How We Can Help You

A serious bite may end up costing thousands of dollars in medical bills, physical therapy, medication costs and lost wages. If you are worried about how you will cover these expenses, turn to Simon Trial Firm. We are a boutique trial law firm that is well-known for our aggressive approach to handling all types of personal injury cases. Not only are we meticulous when it comes to gathering evidence to support your claim, but we also use the full force of our over 80 years of combined trial and legal experience to effectively advocate for you at trial in order to secure a successful jury verdict.

Because of our hard work, dedication and esteemed reputation, we regularly receive referrals from other members of the legal community, who we have tried cases with and against, and from mediators who we work with or ask the other lawyers in town.  They know by looking at our successful verdicts and settlements that we fight to win and we leave nothing on the table.

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