Diligent Representation For Bicycle Collisions

Bicycling is a favorite hobby of many in Florida, but because of their smaller size, the impact of a motor vehicle with a bicycle can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries due to the weight and size of the car or truck.  At Simon Trial Firm, we will fight aggressively to protect your rights if you were injured by a driver while on your bike.  We can seek maximum compensation to help pay for costly medical treatment and care.

We Will Fight For Maximum Compensation

Lawsuits to recover damages for injuries in bicycle accidents with automobiles can involve many of the same issues as any auto accident lawsuit.  Liability for bike accident injuries often comes down to negligence — whether the car driver’s negligence caused the cyclist’s injuries, or the negligence of the cyclist caused or contributed to the accident.

Let us review the details to your accident and strategize a plan to recover optimal damages.  Compensation can help provide finances for these and other expenses while you are hurt:

  • Hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescriptions drugs
  • Lost wages
  • Damages to your bicycle

If you are seriously injured, you will need money to cover medical care.  If you cannot work, you will need this financial compensation for general living expenses to take care of yourself and your family.  Let our aggressive and highly-skilled attorneys help you seek the monetary damages you deserve.

Hit On Your Bike? Speak With One of Our Knowledgeable Attorneys in A Free Consultation.

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